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Portable Camping Solar Power Systems (Outdoor & Camping Solar Kits)

80W Portable Solar Panel 100W Portable Solar Panel (Book) dc_&_solar_power_2014019011

Proper Solar Camping Systems and Kits for various applications. Select any one of the standard packages available that may be applicable, or contact us to customise systems to your specific requirements (from 10W – 1000+W).

Standard Camping Solar Panel Kits:

50W   Solar Kit from         

80W   Solar Kit from 1x 80W or 2x 40W Book-form)

100W Solar Kit from 1x 100W or 2x 50W Book-form

120W Solar Kit from 1x 120W or 2x 60W Book-form

160W Solar Kit from 2x 80W

200W Solar kit from 2x 100W or 2x 100W books

240W Solar Kit from 3x 80W

300W Solar Kit from 3x 100W or 3x 100W Books

320W Solar Kit from 4x 80W

Kits include:

Solar Panels with fold out stands
Applicable solar charger/regulator
10m power cable with plug and play sockets
Solar panel padded canvas bag(s).

80w portable camping solar panel bag1 80w portable camping solar panel bag2 80w portable camping solar panel bag3 80w portable camping solar panel bag4dc_&_solar_power_2014019003 dc_&_solar_power_2014017001Camping Solar System