LED 30×9 Aluminium Lights

LED Aluminium Lights (30mm x 9mm x LENGTH)

Single Row Double Row

LED Aluminium Lights are low voltage lights (usually 12V or 24V DC, other voltages are available on request). The lights are designed to be mainly built as waterproof lights.

Design Features / Specifications:

– 30mm (width) x 9mm (thickness) x L
– L = from 100mm up to 5m length if required in increments of 50mm
– Single Row 5050 LED (max length 5m) or Double Row 5050 LED (max unit length = 1m)
– 3 LEDs/50mm (single row) or 6 LEDs/50mm (double row)
– 12 V DC (standard), other voltages on request (24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC)
– Bright Light suitable for indoor & outdoor use
– Waterproof
– 2 Rubber end cap designs available (50mm of total L)
– Dimmable with appropriate optional controllers


Single Row Lights                from R95.00 (first 100mm) + R50.00/50mm added
Double Row Lights              from R195.00 (first 100mm) + R120.00/50mm added
Onboard ON/OFF Switch    from R35.00 per switch fitted (max 2 switches per light)
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Typical Applications:

– Under Counter Lights
– Kitchen Lights (under cupboards)
– Shop Lights
– Cabinet Lights
– General Cupboard Lights
– Outdoor Lights & Garden Lights, including Patio Lights
– Wall Mounted Lights (Outdoor and Indoor)
– Fence Lighting
– Solar Application Lighting
– Small Area Flood Lighting
– Pond Lights (Waterproof version)
– Camping Lights (Caravans and Trailers, inside and outside lights – see LED Camping Lights)
– Various Possible Lighting Applications

Colours Available:

– Pure White / Cool White (4500k)
– Warm White (2700 – 3300k)
– Red
– Blue
– Green
– RGB, Custom Colours

Typical Installations:

LED Aluminium Light 30 x 9 double row



conqueror caravan led lights (4)

conqueror comfort led lights 1 

brakhah caravan led lights (3)