Battery Back-up Power

Battery Back-up Power Systems

Battery Back-up System Battery Back-up System

DC & Solar Power offer customised battery back-up power solutions for Home, Office and Industrial applications. From running a small LED light, to the whole office block.

Contact us today for a solution that caters for your specific requirements.

Options include:

– Wall mounted battery back-up systems
– Free-standing (also floor standing) systems
– Portable (moving) trolley battery back-up systems
– Multiple battery charging options (generator, solar, mains electricity supplier)
– Multiple Inverter Output Systems
– Complete Power Management Panels
– Power Monitoring Systems
– UPS capability / Back-up capability

Typical System specifications & design criteria:

– Battery casing sizes from 1 Battery – 10 Batteries per casing
– Battery racks from 1 Battery – 20+ Batteries per rack
– Battery Sizes from 7 Ah – 150Ah+ (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V)
– 200 W – 5000 W+ Systems
– Multiple Inverter and Load Sharing Systems

Power Panel Typical Control Panel

Battery Back-up with Automatic Inverter Switch-over System

Power Control System Battery Case Example